Signs That it is Time to Consider Water Heater Replacement

When is it Time to Break Up With the Water Heater? 

Nothing lasts forever, including water heaters. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, these appliances can typically last around 10 to 15 years. This blog will share common signs that indicate it’s time for water heater repair or replacement

There’s Corrosion on the Water Heater Tank 

corrosionThere are many reasons why a water heater may develop corrosion on its tank. For instance, if the anode rod isn’t replaced on time and the tank isn’t flushed during maintenance, sediment can build up inside the tank and cause corrosion. Other causes can involve chronic leaks and the pressure relief valve. 

If a professional notices corrosion on the water tank early, they could remove the rust and prevent further problems. If not, however, replacing the entire water heater may be the only real option and more cost-effective than repairing it. 

Not Enough Hot Water 

If a water heater stops producing hot water or hot water runs out quicker than it should, a professional can try addressing the problem. However, depending on the cause, the unit’s age, and if the problem keeps happening, a replacement could be a better solution than repairing it. A professional can assess the water heater, identify any problems, and possibly suggest replacement. 

Some reasons why a water heater might stop producing consistent hot water include the following: 

  • Routine maintenance has been neglected.
  • The water heater’s heating element is broken. 
  • Too much corrosion in the water tank affects the appliance’s overall function. 
  • The pilot light isn’t working. 

Higher Energy Bills 

billRising energy bills can be a sign of an inefficient water heater. Over time, water heaters run less efficiently and require more energy to maintain the same temperature. If homeowners notice their energy bills increasing but cannot pinpoint why it could be a sign that their water heater is running inefficiently and needs replacing. 

If homeowners notice these signs, they should contact a professional to inspect the water heater before any damage worsens. It’s a good idea to get a water heater inspected annually as part of regular maintenance. Doing so can help detect problems early and prevent costly repairs or replacements down the road. Taking care of the water heater can help keep energy bills low and protect the home from potential problems.

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