All About Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

The Ultimate Guide to Recirculating Pumps

Having hot water to shower or wash the dirt off soiled hands is a great luxury. One of the biggest downsides is waiting for hot water to flow to the tap or showerhead once the water is turned on. This wait can waste precious minutes and several gallons of water. Wouldn’t it be great if every tap had hot water waiting just on the other side? 

Installing hot water recirculating pumps can be beneficial in homes. These devices pump water constantly through hot water lines to keep heated water closer to the points of use. This allows for near-instant access to hot water from every tap and appliance. Here is a complete guide to hot water recirculating pumps. After reading this, homeowners will know what a recirculating system is, why it is beneficial, and signs it is malfunctioning. 

What Is a Hot Water Recirculating Pump?

In a perfect world, hot water would always be immediately available. Unfortunately, that would require water heaters at almost every point of use. In most houses, a single water heater provides the needs for the entire home. This means that a network of pipes must run the entire length of the home to reach every fixture. For fixtures distant from the water heater, it may seem like it takes forever for hot water to show up. 

Recirculating pumps are part of the hot water system. They are installed as part of the network of hot water piping, and they constantly pump hot water through the piping so hot water is readily available. With a hot water recirculating pump, people never have to run water for several minutes to get hot water to flow; the hot water is always just a turn-of-the-knob away. 

Benefits of Installing a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

saveNot every home has a hot water recirculating pump. Some of the reasons people decide to skip them during installation are the upfront cost. With the cost of the pump and the extra piping, they decide that it isn’t worth it. However, they neglect to take into account the benefits. 

The first benefit is luxury. In bathrooms, several rooms away from the water heater, a person taking a shower may have to withstand several minutes of cold water. With a recirculating pump, the water is there in seconds. Another benefit of hot water recirculation pumps is the water cost savings. Running all of that cold water straight down the drain wastes water and energy. For a more water-efficient home, recirculating pumps can be an important part of the strategy. 

Signs of Trouble With a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

pumpFor homes that already have a recirculating pump, it’s important to know when it needs professional attention. Recognizing the signs of pump failure early can prevent dealing with cold water and wasting water. These signs can indicate hot water recirculation pumps are having trouble and may need repair: 

  • Hot water takes a long time to come out of fixtures 
  • Strange noises coming from the hot water recirculating pump
  • Leaks from the pump 
  • Hot water comes from the cold line
  • The hot water recirculating pump won’t start

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