New Year’s Resolution: Get a New Water Heater

Three Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater 

Nothing’s worse than an old or poorly-functioning water heater. It can mean cold showers or spotty dishes––even after being in the dishwasher for hours. This new year, homeowners should consider the benefits of getting a new water heater. They can read about three of these benefits below. 

Lower Energy Bills and Better Efficiency 

The energy efficiency of an old and outdated water heater decreases over time. This means it takes more energy to heat the same amount of water, resulting in higher energy bills. By replacing an old water heater with a newer model, homeowners can regain the efficient performance it originally had. 

A new water heater will be much more efficient than an old one, resulting in lower energy bills. Additionally, newer models come with features such as better insulation and advanced temperature controls that can help homeowners save even more money on their energy bills. Replacing an old water heater is an easy way to start saving money today! 

Better Hot Water Recovery Rate

waterWhen looking for a new water heater, it’s important to consider the hot water recovery rate. This rate tells how quickly the unit can replenish hot water after it has been depleted. A higher recovery rate means people won’t have to wait long for hot water to come out of the tap, which is especially important with a large household. If a home has multiple bathrooms, having a water heater with a better recovery rate can make all the difference. So if homeowners want to ensure that everyone will get hot water when needed, look for a water heater with a good recovery rate. 

Upgrading to a new water heater can give homes the benefit of a better recovery rating. Newer models have improved technology, allowing them to heat the water more efficiently and quickly, so people won’t have to wait for hot water after someone else takes a shower. This is a great way to improve a home’s hot water supply and ensure the whole family is comfortable.

Save Space 

heaterHomeowners want to make every square inch of their home count because there is no such thing as too much storage space. Today’s water heaters are not only more efficient but can also take up much less space than conventional storage tank water heaters. This makes tankless water heaters an excellent choice for those looking to save space. 

These small units can be mounted on a wall, freeing up valuable storage space in the home. They are also more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts and can save on water heating costs. Tankless water heaters also last up to twice as long as traditional tank systems, making them an excellent long-term investment. A tankless water heater is a perfect choice for those who want to save precious space and energy.  

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