How to Keep the Water Heater Properly Maintained

The Importance of Maintaining Your Water Heater

Every time a sink or shower is turned on, a powerful machine is at work moving and warming water to meet the call. Homeowners don’t usually think twice about wondering how the water will get to the desired temperature because the water heater gets used every day. With this device being such an integral part of the plumbing system, the least homeowners can do is give it a little TLC.

Don’t Forget to Flush the Water Heater

flush the tankAt least once a year, homeowners should have their water heater tanks flushed. Emptying the water and flushing it aids in the water heater’s ability to do its job properly. Even though the water in the United States is fairly clean, there are still many dissolved substances in America’s water.

Minerals and sediment build up in a water heater over time and can stick to the bottom and the sides of the water heater. Some can clump together, and as the water flows through the heating system, they can get lodged into crevices of the water heater, creating hard mountains that can harm the system’s efficiency and longevity. These sediment build-ups not only negatively impact a water heater’s efficiency and raise energy bills, but they also contribute to the corrosion of the tank.

Reliable Water Heater Maintenance Tricks

water heater valvesAnother easy way to help maintain the health of a water heater is to routinely skim over the surface of the unit and check for proper working valves, rods, and other outside fixtures. One of the most common signs of ill health for a water heater is rusting around the fittings. If the metal is rusting, a professional may need to be called to ensure the fittings are properly tightened, and there are no leaks. Placing a bucket under valves and giving them a quick pull will tell homeowners if they need to replace anything.

Inside the tank is the anode rod, coated in magnesium and aluminum to help keep the water tank from corroding. The anode rod needs to be replaced about every two to five years, depending on water usage and if the area has hard water. Once an anode rod has worn out, it is time for a replacement to ensure the water tank itself does not begin doing the same.

How Can This Help the Unit?

The first benefit of proper water heater maintenance is that utility bills reflect the unit’s efficiency. Maintenance will also impact the unit’s longevity, preventing the need for a premature replacement. The life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years, so regular servicing is crucial.

Professional checks of a water heater can also catch any potential problems early on before they morph into larger ones. Once the damage or corrosion gets too bad, a repair isn’t worth it, and a replacement is needed. Properly maintained water heaters give homeowners peace of mind, warmer baths, and cheaper utility bills than neglected ones.

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