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Here are a few interesting facts about the city: It’s located nine miles from downtown Phoenix and has a population of 226,721. Glendale is known for being a playground for the athletic enthusiast with at least 40 miles of trails and acres of parks which are used from sunrise to sunset. Bike riding is very popular and there is even an annual Family Bike Ride. The world’s largest fighter-pilot training facility is also found in Glendale. The base  has over 300 aircraft that can be seen flying through the sky. 


Call (623) 972-5335 if you are looking for quality water heater service in Glendale or would like to setup an appointment. Water Heaters Only, Inc. is available 24 hours a day for it’s loyal customers.

Helpful Links:

City of Glendale: http://www.glendaleaz.com/

Water Service: http://www.glendaleaz.com/utilities/

Energy: https://www.aps.com/Pages/home.aspx

City Code: https://www.glendaleaz.com/codebook/