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Water Heaters Only, Inc. has been doing business since 1968 and has been repairing and installing water heaters in Scottsdale for the last 50+ years. If you want your job done quickly, professionally and for a very reasonable price, give us a call at (480) 964-6657 and let one of our Scottsdale water heater experts set up an appointment for you today!


Scottsdale is located in the beautiful Sonora Desert and borders the McDowell Mountains on the east. Scottsdale is rated one of the most desirable communities in the state along with a vibrant downtown that’s full of life. A few favorites are the 7 stand out museums, the beautiful wineries and group adventures.

Scottsdale has a population of 224,800 with the housing supply shrinking as the market is heating up. 80% are homeowners with mid-sized homes typically with a 40 or 50 gallon water heater. Feel free to call us if you are wondering what size heater you have. Most are located in the garage or in a utility room. Most are natural gas and electric however some have LP or liquid propane water heaters.

If you have questions about water heater service in Scottsdale or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Water Heaters Only, Inc. 24 hours a day (480) 964-6657.


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