Commercial Water Heater

A great picture of a newly installed commercial water heater. This installation was done by one of our highly trained commercial water heater technicians here at Water Heaters Only. It is an 80 gallon commercial water heater with 512,000 btu’s. This unit will produce about 300 gallons of hot water every hour. It is appropriate for apartments, hotels and even small laundry facilities.

A commercial water heater is sized differently than residential water heaters. The size is based off of the BTU input of the water heater. Most residential water heater sizes are based off gallon capacity. Most often we replace this type of water heater in apartment communities, hotels and laundry facilities.

To help determine the type or size of commercial water heater you need for your business, it is important to know the amount of hot water you will use. When you are starting a new business that will use hot water we recommended that you check with the health department to comply with there requirements. This will help you determine what size and type of unit that will be required for your business.

If you have an existing business and your commercial water heater needs to be replaced, most often you can replace your unit with one that is the same size and BTU rating as the existing unit.  If you have increased your business or added on to your business since it was first founded you may want to assess your current hot water needs and see if you need to upgrade to a larger water heater.

The Water Heaters Only Inc. technician did a great job installing this water heater and checking to make sure it was producing the amount of hot water needed by this business.