Gas Water Heater Services in Phoenix, AZ

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Modern water heaters have an average lifespan of about 12 years. Proper maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair will help you make the most of your investment.

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How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Gas Water Heater

When it comes to troubleshooting your gas water heater, you can take a few steps to understand what’s wrong before calling in the experts for repairs.

A few troubleshooting tips will help you know when to call in the experts and avoid more significant problems down the road. Exercise caution when troubleshooting your water heater, and only attempt repairs if you have thorough expertise.

  • Check the pilot light: A yellow pilot light or trouble getting the light to stay lit indicates that your gas water heater has an issue — ranging from damaged or leaky valves to electrical malfunctions.
  • Check the thermostat: Improper temperature regulation often points to a thermostat-related or electrical problem.
  • Sediment and poor water flow: Drain your water heater regularly to troubleshoot for too much sediment deposit and keep your gas water heater clog-free.

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Comparing the Pros and Cons Between Gas and Electrical Options

Gas and electricity are the two basic fuel types for standard water heaters. Each option has pros and cons that should help you decide when choosing your home’s water heater.

Electric Water Heater Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper to purchase
  • Clean operation
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Little energy loss
  • Safe


  • Lower recovery times
  • Won’t operate during a power outage
  • More expensive to run
  • No high-efficiency models available

Gas Water Heater Pros and Cons


  • Energy efficiency
  • Heats water quickly
  • Less expensive to run
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Energy-efficiency models available


  • Less safe than electric models
  • Dirtier operation
  • Shorter lifespan than electric
  • Not all homes have gas
  • Relighting sometimes required

You shouldn’t base your decision solely on the list of benefits versus potential issues. Consider other factors such as installation, size, and energy efficiency.

If you’re not sure about the type of water heater to install in your home, contact us today for professional tips and advice.

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Common Gas Water Heater Repair Issues

Every homeowner will experience the occasional problem with their water heater. Some of the common issues affecting gas water heaters include:

1. Pilot Light Troubleshooting

Over time, the pilot light tube or orifice can become clogged or worn out and may need replacement if the pilot light won’t ignite or frequently goes out. A defective gas valve, loose or faulty thermocouple, or air in the gas line may also be the culprit.

2. Thermocouple Replacement

The thermocouple shuts off the gas supply to the water heater if the pilot light goes out. A failed thermocouple will need replacement.

3. Thermostat Replacement

If your water heater doesn’t heat up when you turn up the heat on your thermostat, you might have a faulty thermostat that needs replacement.

4. Heating Element Replacements

Cold or lukewarm water usually points to either a faulty thermostat or a damaged heating element. If the latter seems to be the problem, you should have the heating element replaced.

5. Temperature/Pressure Valve Replacement

A faulty temperature/pressure relief valve can cause water temperature fluctuations. In most cases, you can have the valve replaced.

6. Water/Gas Piping Repair

Leaks in water and gas pipes need immediate attention before they cause irreparable damage.

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