High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters are becoming more popular as more products become available and energy costs continue to increase. At Water Heaters Only, Inc we offer a wide range of high efficiency gas water heaters. New products like the Vertex (TM), by A.O. Smith offer annual savings on operating costs and can be usually be installed where the existing water heater is located.

Most high efficiency gas water heaters are more expensive upfront that traditional tank style units, but over the lifetime of the appliance you can end up saving money. Not all manufacturers use the same type of technology for high efficiency gas water heater. The Vertex unit by AO Smith uses condensing technology to heat the water. It reuses the heat from the gas burner to heat the water before the fumes are exhausted; this helps use less gas to heat the same amount of water.

Water Heaters Only, Inc likes to offer our customers many options when it comes to water heating. There are many different high efficiency gas water heaters available, including tankless and hybrid units. Most of the time we recommend the unit that will work best for the type of home our customer has. A tankless unit might be right for one customer, but a condensing unit might be best for another. At water heaters only, inc we can provide information and recommendations on what type of high efficiency gas water heater might be right for you household. We understand being without hot water is never any fun. That’s why our service is available 7 days a week with no extra change for nights, weekends, or holidays. You can also call (602) 253-8010 24 hours a day and speak with a live water heater expert to help with any water heater issue.