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Excellent Water Heater Repair Service in Arizona

All of our employees here at Water Heaters Only, Inc. Phoenix are great and when we received stellar review after stellar review for our technician Don… well, we just had to shout out about it!

Please watch the video below to hear all about Don’s outstanding work with hot water heaters in the Phoenix area.

Hot Water Heater Repair

One of the most common questions that we are asked is, can you do a hot water heater repair?

As long at the water tank has not burst, the simple answer is yes. Most often a hot water heater repair is possible. Depending on the age, it is not always the most cost-effective long term solution.

With newer style water heaters and all the new safety standards we notice an increase in water heaters shutting down or going into “lock out”. New hot water heaters are generally designed to have safety shut-offs and filters for lint dust and oil. If the unit overheats or if it does not have enough air flow for the “safety mechanisms” it will shut it’s self down. Depending on the brand and type of safety device, sometimes homeowners can not relight or restart the unit. There are a few brands however where a licensed professional will be required to service the water heater before it can be restarted.

Hot water heater repair can range from something as simple as cleaning out the air filter at the bottom on the combustion chamber to the more complicated replacement of control valves, burner assemblies or other parts. With the life expectancy of water heaters averaging 8-12 years if your water heater is older than eight years, you want to think before you spend too much money on a hot water heater repair. We always recommend reviewing the owners manual and checking to see if there is simple maintenance that a homeowner can preform to get the water heater working again before contacting a service company for a hot water heater repair. If you have no hot water and there is no maintenance to be preformed or you prefer to have a service technician preform the maintenance for you then it is time to call for a hot water heater repair. It’s always a good idea to find your model number and serial number on the brand name label on your water heater. The model and serial number can verify warranty and give details about your water. Look for the brand name sticker on your water heater and you should see a model #( a string of letters and digits) and serial # (also a string of letters and digits). Write these numbers down, if you can and have them handy for your technician when you call.

Common Brands of Water Heaters Include:
A.O. Smith
American (Whirlpool)
American Standard
Bradford White
Rheem (GE, RUDD, Hot Point)
State (Kenmore, Craftmaster)